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Why choose Diastasis S.A.?

Because it operates in its own facilities of over 2,000 square meters that allow us to facilitate the the production process.
The company is a pioneer in branding implementation with a 22-year presence in the market.
It has experienced and capable executives with original and creative ideas.
Specializes in every type of branding construction and promotion, produced in its own premises.
It takes the lead in the field of advertising by investing in new technologies and constantly renews its equipment with state-of-the-art mechanical facilities.
All its procedures follow the ISO 9001/2000 quality standards, thus continuously improves its services and products provided.
It uses innovative materials, innovative technologies and its top priority is its customers’ satisfaction.
Diastasis S.A. is a member of GIGA, a group of companies from around the world that have activities in the field of digital printing and brand implementation. Exchange of views with similar companies helps to follow the pace of the developing technology, get informed and recognize international opportunities and apply tried and tested practices in our professional branch.


The outstanding achievements of all these years, are our heritage; a heritage that we honor.

See the harmony... outside a store

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Sparkle... and be seen

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Looking for more energy? Color your life!


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